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Elementary Schools, Preschools and Daycares

Busy Barns Adventure Farm tours offer a hands-on environment where children play and learn in an outdoor classroom. Children will receive lots of exercise interacting with the unique agricultural activities spread across the farm. The children receive animal feed, a make-n-take activity in the spring and a kid-sized pumpkin in the fall, along with many great memories!

Our Programs: Field Trip Details
Our field trips are self-guided allowing you to decide where, when and how long you spend at each of the over 40 farm activities. The only scheduled tour components for preschools and daycares is the hayride.

The K-5th grade tours will have a scheduled hayride, plus receive a 30-minute structured educational program that is tied to our curriculum, Wisconsin Pumpkin Farms. The lesson is taught in the Little Barn by an on farm teacher. Our tours are designed to meet the state of Wisconsin educational standards.

Field Trip Components School group in corn maze

Preschools & Daycares
All of the above field trip components.

Kindergarten-Fifth Grades
All of the above field trip components, PLUS a 30-minute educational lesson called 'Wisconsin Farms' taught by an on farm teacher. The students will learn about the variety of farms across Wisconsin and what they produce.

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